What's The Difference Between Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and Online Only (CBD9 Online)

To start the year, our main learning models will be Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) for 4th - 12th and Hybrid in-person learning for K-3rd. Students who were enrolled last year are automatically opted into the Hybrid/CDL model. 

*Optional* Online Only Learning (CBD9 Online)

For families who do not want to be in the CDL/Hybrid model as state and county metrics allow, they can opt-in to register for the Coos Bay School District Online Only option (CBD9 Online). Deadline to register for CBD9 Online option has been extended to August 31, 2020. https://tinyurl.com/cbsdonlinelearning Registering for Online Only Learning is optional and does not need to be done if you want your child to participate in the regular Hybrid/CDL education. 

Please see the table to see some key differences between Comprehensive Distance Learning and the Online Only option.

New Students

If you registered for Online Only learning, and would like to return to Hybrid/CDL learning prior to the beginning of the school year, please contact your child's school. Once school begins, students in CBD9 Online begin a nine week commitment to stay online, even if we are allowed to transitions to in-person learning.