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Hello Sunset! 
We have just entered 2020 and in only 3 weeks we will be starting the second semester of the school year. As we end the first semester we can be very proud of the progress our students are making in the academic areas and in the ways that they treat one another. This year we have been dedicated to teaching our students what it means to be empathetic and to treat one another with respect, kindness and understanding. Many of our teachers have shared a video by Brene' Brown as they have introduced Empathy and the difference between it and Sympathy. I have included the link should you like to watch it.
We have many things to celebrate and many things to look forward to as we move into the new semester and as our students learn more math, become better readers, better writers and more successful learners, they will also struggle, because all of it can be hard. Sunset staff are committed to help every student work through these struggles and as we teach the math, reading and writing skills that students need, we will also teach them how to persevere, grow and be patient with themselves. We will support them in every way that we can, every day.
Shelly "the Shark" McKnight

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