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Hello Sunset! 
Second semester has begun and I would like to take this time to remind you of our Cell Phone Policy:
Cell Phones and Electronic Devices
If your student must bring a cell phone or other electronic device to school, please be aware the school is not responsible for its safety (lost, stolen or damaged).
 Cell phone use is allowed only before the 1st bell (7:55) and after school.  If cell phones or electronic devices are used during school hours, or go off during the day, they will be confiscated. No photos of any kind (including selfies) will be allowed on school grounds during school hours, especially in restrooms. All phones must be on silent at all times. You can listen to music with ear buds ONLY!
The first incident will be considered a warning.
A second offence will require a parent to pick the device up at the office.
If there is a third incident, the device will no longer be allowed at school.
Board Policy Code JFCN. ORS 332.107
As a courtesy these items can be turned in at the office before school and picked up after school.
We value the use of these devices for communication and safety purposes between our students and parents If parents wish/need to talk with their child or get them a message we are happy to accommodate with our school phones and our office staff.  We do ask that you try your best to notify us of any messages for students prior to 2:30 PM to assure our ability to deliver them before our students are dismissed.  If your child has a valid reason to get in touch with a parent, they will be welcomed to use one of our school phones.
We are recently seeing a higher volume of cell phone violations such as selfies and video's taken by students during school hours. Please help me to remind Sunset students of our cell phone policy. Taking photo's or video's of students can risk the safety of our children and will not be allowed.
Thank you for your help.  
Shelly "the Shark" McKnight

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