Marshfield students shine during Poetry Slam

To help celebrate National Poetry Month, eight Marshfield High School students wrote their own poems and then shared them with the community during the 15th annual Poetry Slam on Thursday.

Marshfield High School’s English teachers were on scene Thursday, with two acting as judges as the students put on their best performance.

The participants included:

Asher Calm with his poem “Fragments of Me.”

Keara Guyton with the poem “I am a Tree.”

Wilbur Lovelady with the poem “Filter.”

Valentino Kazzee with the poem “To be Human.”

Conner DeLeon with his poem “Learning how to Love Life: Overcoming Yourself.”

Zaidee Quinn with the poem “The War.”

C.D. Dorfmeister with the poem “Getaway Place.”

Connell MacKendrick with his work “An Invitation.”

The students were judged based on the quality of their poem as well as their performance during the Poetry Slam.

The top three finishers earned cash prizes, with first place receiving $100, second place getting $75 and third place winning $50.

Every participant received rounds of applause, but in the end only three could be named winners.

The winners were C.D. Dorfmeister taking first place, Asher Calm placing second and Wilbur Lovelady finishing fourth.