Message from the Principal

Shelly McKnight
Hello Sunset Families and Happy New Year!
We have had a stormy return to school! I hope that you all have power and are healthy. In addition to the storms, we have had some challenges with student behavior in the form of student to student name-calling, inappropriate offensive remarks as well as some racist hate speech. We are doing our best to put a stop to this behavior, but we need your help. Please talk with your kids about how to treat their classmates with respect in terms of words and touch. Every student has the right to attend school feeling safe from harmful words and without feeling uncomfortable. Using the "N" word, sexually suggestive comments and hate speech are forms of harassment. Sometimes we don't expect younger children to engage in this type of behavior, but we are seeing it in multiple grades. We address these behaviors with counseling, mediation and disciplinary consequences and will continue to do so. However, we can't do it without you.
Thank you for your support.