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Parent Involvement

Coos Bay School District operates in compliance with OAR 333-019-3030 which requires:

“Teachers, school staff and volunteers may not teach, work, learn, study, assist, observe, or volunteer at a school unless they are fully vaccinated or have provided documentation of a medical or religious exception and the exception has been approved or accepted.”



Volunteers are considered individuals who may be participating in, coaching or leading any of the above-named tasks with students or school staff.

Volunteers will be required to meet the vaccination requirements according to the OAR. At this time, we are not honoring vaccination exception requests for volunteers unless the event or activity cannot proceed without essential volunteers.

**This does not mean short-term visitors or individuals making deliveries.


Field Trip Chaperones

Chaperoning for a field trip is considered a short-term visit. Chaperones will not be required to show proof of vaccination unless the field trip occurs over several days, there is close prolonged contact with students indoors, or they are participating in extended time in the classroom or field experience.

Chaperones, regardless of vaccination status, must have a negative rapid COVID test immediately prior to the event. Rapid tests will be administered at the school site.

Any person, chaperone or volunteer, must still complete the online background check in order to participate in school activities!  Please note that it can take 10 days or more for processing.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Teachers and School Staff

Volunteer coaches, volunteer assistant coaches and volunteer advisors must complete a fingerprint  based criminal records check as well as online safety training required by Oregon statute.  Please email [email protected] for more information.